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Wednesday’s Editorial: Term limits are needed more than ever

As soon as an elected officials begin to think they’re indispensable, it’s time to go.

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Tuesday’s Editorial: Cheers to mayor for increasing summer camps

Cheers to Mayor Lenny Curry for finding an additional $1 million to serve 1,700 more children in summer camps.

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Wednesday’s Editorial: Florida prisons are abusing disabled inmates, lawsuit alleges

Florida’s prison system seems to be incapable of dealing with the needs of many of its disabled prisoners.

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Wednesday’s Second Editorial: State moves to correct treatment of mentally ill inmates

The state has taken a monumental step toward improving the dismal treatment of mentally ill inmates by ending the contract of a prison health care provider.

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Thursday’s Editorial: State must not cut funds for FSCJ

Florida’s system of 28 colleges with their two-year and four-year programs are vital to the future of Florida.

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