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Fri, 03/24/2017 - 19:16

Sunday Editorial: JaxPort should seize its opportunity to increase transparency

It wasn’t Brian Taylor’s recent departure as JaxPort’s CEO that raised plenty of eyebrows.

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Fri, 03/24/2017 - 18:46

Monday Editorial: Job Corps continues to change lives

Congratulations to the latest graduates of Jacksonville Job Corps, which continues to provide students with highly diverse and marketable skills for the workplace!

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Legislature should keep hands off four-year college degrees

What would you call a proposed law change that would limit the ability of Florida state colleges to thrive and decrease educational opportunities for working class students?

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Obama created a road map for cracking down on press

Before Donald Trump took an oath as president, he was at war with the press.

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Thursday’s Editorial: City Council needs to approve Ability Housing settlement

From the start, the opposition to allowing disabled veterans into a 12-unit apartment complex in Springfield has been extreme.

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Wednesday’s Editorial: Analysis of JEA’s plans to close coal plant, possible departure of Vitti and our city’s wonderful waterways

News that JEA and partner Florida Power & Light will close the mammoth coal-fired power plant, St. Johns River Power Plant, comes as a shock.

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Tuesday’s Editorial: Florida’s Sunshine Laws deserve more robust appeals process

Floridians are justly proud of our tradition of open government that dates from the first law passed in 1909.

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Monday Editorial: Cheers to Molly Curry and the Vittis for promoting literacy

Cheers to Molly Curry, Duval School Superintendent Nikolai Vitti and his wife, Rachel, for doing their part to encourage local children to read.

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Thursday’s Editorial: Jacksonville needs an active and healthy JCCI

For more than 40 years, the Jacksonville Community Council Inc has more than met its mission.

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Wednesday Editorial: Voter fraud claims are often based on flawed analysis

The facts show that voter fraud exists but on a small scale, too small to affect the vast majority of elections.

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Tuesday’s Editorial: Republican health care plan is different but no better

The Republican alternative to Obamacare looks different but not better. There is just a new set of winners and losers.

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Monday’s Editorial: Cheers to Sulzbacher Center

Cheers to the Sulzbacher Center and selfless medical volunteers across Jacksonville for once again working together to give high-quality dental care to low-income children.

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