The state’s stars of high school track and field return to Jacksonville this week with a reconfigured format and a watchful eye on the weather.


Get ready to run, throw and jump in the rain at the Florida High School Athletic Association track and field state championships at the University of North Florida.

“We learned from watching the 4A meet last year, that you can have your most important meet of the year in them [rainy conditions],” said Bolles coach Dan Dearing. “It’s going to be an exciting day. They’re as ready as we can make them. It’s going to be wet. We’re fully expecting it to be raining nonstop.”

After two years of operating the state meet in single classification formats spread across four days, the FHSAA condensed things this year. Athletes in Class 1A and 2A had a bye week following regionals to allow all four classifications to compete on the same weekend. So on Friday, classes 1A and 2A will go off, while 3A and 4A follow on Saturday.

Getting even more attention than the new format is the weather, especially after last year’s 3A and 4A events were hammered by rain.

The National Weather Service is calling for a 70 percent chance of rain on Friday and more rain on Saturday. Like it did last year, the show will go on as long as lightning stays away. The FHSAA said late Thursday that it planned on using a rolling schedule for the 1A and 2A event in order to keep the meet moving.

The storylines are deep for area athletes, especially in Class 3A.

Stanton’s Kendal Williams, a two-time Times-Union All-First Coast athlete of the year, will try to win his fourth consecutive championship in the 200 and second title in the 100. Ponte Vedra high jumper Nicole Greene is looking for her third straight title, while the Stanton girls 4x400 relay team is also in the mix to defend its state title.

In 2A, Bolles’ Jeremiah Theus is looking for another discus crown; Kenny distance runner David Yarborough is chasing back-to-back wins in the 1,600.

In 1A, the Providence girls have 14 qualifiers, while Harvest athlete Lonnie Marts III made the meet in four individual events.


Local state qualifiers

Class 4A


High jump: Breyanne Dobbs, Atlantic Coast

Long jump: Brittany Bowald, Atlantic Coast

Triple jump: Brittany Bowald, Atlantic Coast

Discus: Angel Alston, Fleming Island

Shot put: Angel Alston, Fleming Island; Angelica Greene, Fleming Island

100: Chelsea Francis, Atlantic Coast

200: Chelsea Francis, Atlantic Coast

100 hurdles: Abreona Cabell, Sandalwood

4x100 relay: Atlantic Coast; First Coast

800: Avery Chatmon, Atlantic Coast

3200: Kayley Delay, Fletcher


High jump: Jaqwon Wright, Sandalwood; Raashed Kennion, First Coast

Long jump: Chris Jones, Sandalwood

Shot put: David May, Fleming Island

Shot put adaptive: Dillon Ford, Atlantic Coast

200: Bryce Motes, Fleming Island

300 hurdles: Chase Bobham, Atlantic Coast

3200: John Weaver, Mandarin

Class 3A


High jump: Rakia Campbell, Oakleaf; Jordan Fields, Creekside; Nicole Greene, Ponte Vedra

Pole vault: Railey Ranson, Creekside; Zoe Harper, Ponte Vedra; Courtney Mitchell, Nease

Long jump: Briana Washington, Creekside; Nyesha Littles, Middleburg

Triple jump: Nadine Missouri, Oakleaf; Tiausha Oxendine, St. Augustine

100: Kayla Heard, Stanton; Daija McKenith, Nease

200: Daija McKenith, Nease; Ruby Nwaebobe, Lee

400: Janaya Chambers, Stanton; Jordan Fields, Creekside

100 hurdles: Mackenzie Aydelette, Creekside; Te’Aira Singleton, Bartram; Jordan Fields, Creekside; Raven Mims, Oakleaf

300 hurdles: Grace Damron, Bartram

4x100 relay: Lee; Stanton

4x400 relay: Bartram; Stanton; Creekside

4x800 relay: Creekside; Bartram

800: Kelly Aponte, St. Augustine; Jessica Brinson, Parker; Sydne Grier, Bartram; Alexis Jackson, Creekside;

1600: Kelly Aponte, St. Augustine; Karen Xiang, Nease

3200: Karen Xiang, Nease; Hannah Giangaspro, Bartram; Colleen Openshaw, Creekside


High jump: Cory Dyer, Oakleaf

Pole vault: Kasey Hagan, Bartram; Michael Thornell, Creekside; Chase Gruber, Creekside

Long jump: Patrick Griffin, Orange Park

Triple jump: Bernard Clark, Orange Park; Joel Sampson;

Discus: Stephen Cossich, Middleburg; James Hinel, Creekside

100: Kendal Williams, Stanton; Javarius Davis, White

200: Kendal Williams, Stanton

400: Dominic Smith, Jr., Creekside

300 hurdles: Hunter Koike, Nease; Austin McDowell, Bartram; Michael Everett, Middleburg

4x100 relay: White; Columbia

4x400 relay: Creekside

4x800 relay: Creekside

800: Rayford James, Lee; David Cash Tampa, Creekside

1600: Rayford James, Lee

3200: Noah Kemp, St. Augustine

Class 2A


Long jump: Jasmine Maina, Bolles

Discus: Amber Harris, Kenny; Abigail Rice, Baker County; Danielle Spence, Bolles

Triple jump: Nikki Vandervelde, Episcopal

Pole vault: Nikki Vandervelde, Episcopal; Frances Rice, Bolles

4x800 relay: Bolles; Episcopal

Shot put: Delana Green, Raines; Amber Harris, Kenny

100 hurdles: Tanner Cormier, Kenny; Ivory McCray, Jackson

100: Jaelyn Hendrieth, Paxon; Cedrina Singletary, Paxon; Jessica Warner, West Nassau

4x100 relay: Jackson; Raines

400: Jasmine Burkett, Bolles; Shamaria Lovett, Jackson; Cedrina Singletary, Paxon

300 hurdles: Alexandria Acree, Bolles

200: Jessica Warner, West Nassau

High jump: Frances Rice, Bolles

1600: Aly Hajda, Bolles; Brittany Wilkinson, Bolles; Mackenzie Wilson, Bolles

800: Caitlyn Collier, Bolles; Grace Gerry, Kenny

3200: Morgan Lucey, Episcopal; Rachel Shapiro, Bolles; Mackenzie Wilson, Bolles

4x400 relay: Bolles


Discus: Eron Carter, Palatka; Rashodd Hadley, Baker County; Reid Harris, Kenny; Jeremiah Theus, Bolles

Triple jump: Jemarruse Amos, Raines; Marvin Sims, Jr., Raines;

Pole vault: David Bell, Kenny; Harry Glasser, Bolles

4x800 relay: Kenny, Jackson

Shot put: Rashodd Hadley, Baker County

100 hurdles: Jemarruse Amos, Raines; Raekwon Marrow, Wolfson

100: Daniel Fisher, Episcopal; Diontre Jonas, Bradford; Brian Oliver, Raines

4x100 relay: Episcopal; Raines; Trinity Christian

400: Ka’Ven Berry, Palatka; Kenneth Dinkins, Bradford; Tyrese Evans, Wolfson; Jontue McDowell, Raines

300 hurdles: Jonathan Dixon, Bolles; Raekwon Marrow, Wolfson; Tyson Wright, Paxon

200: Daniel Fisher, Episcopal; Diontre Joneas, Bradford; Tavaris Williams, Fort White

High jump: Keaaris Ardley, Bradford; Isaiah Ford, Trinity

Long jump: Jonah Daniels, Episcopal; Daniel Fisher, Episcopal

1600: James Gehret, Snyder; Dalton Hodge, Menendez; David Yarborough, Kenny

800: PD McCawley, Episcopal; Donovan Mundy, Jackson

3200: Austin Decker, Bolles; Mark Edward, Wolfson; Alec Sharpe, Kenny

4x400 relay: Episcopal; Forrest; Palatka

Class 1A


Discus: Morgan DeLisle, First Coast Christian

Triple jump: Baylee Dover, Hilliard

4x800 relay: Providence; St. Johns Country Day

Shot put: LaTierria Hampton, Florida Deaf; Ashlyn Sparks, Providence; Kiana Stafford, University Christian

100 hurdles: Margaret Jeng, St. Johns CD; Makenzi Kopp, Providence; Kirby Powers, St. Johns CD

100: Cara Simpson, St. Johns CD

4x100 relay: Duval Charter; Harvest Community; Providence

400: Allie Cook, Providence; Madeline Schultz, St. Johns CD; Hannah Thrower, Providence

300 hurdles: Mariah Hornsby, Harvest; Makenzi Kopp, Providence

200: Cara Simpson, St. Johns CD

High jump: Kirby Powers, St. Johns CD

1600: Katherine Messer, Providence; Eden Meyer, Providence; Emily Stallings, Providence

800: Emily Stallings, Providence

3200: Katie Lyerly, St. Johns CD; Eden Meyer, Providence; Audrey Woods, Providence

4x400 relay: Harvest Community; Providence


Shot put: Lonnie Marts III, Harvest

Triple jump: Lonnie Marts III, Harvest

100: Lonnie Marts III, Harvest

4x100 relay: University Christian

300 hurdles: Ashan Perera, St. Johns CD

Pole vault: Philip Powers, St. Johns CD

Long jump: Lonnie Marts III, Harvest

1600: Drew Hart, First Coast Christian

800: Isaiah Nields, Harvest

3200: Drew Hart, First Coast Christian

4x400 relay: Harvest