Questions to ponder about the Jaguars’ immediate future with Blake Bortles, the Florida Gators being left to carry the state banner in the NCAA tournament, and how much longer Tiger Woods’ career will remain in limbo:


While it’s great Bortles works on fine-tuning his mechanics in the offseason, does it really matter in March whether the Jaguars quarterback thinks his throwing motion is cleaned up until we see the results on NFL Sundays?

Do you see any logic in the Jaguars picking up the fifth-year option on Bortles’ contract by May 5, considering they could franchise-tag him in 2018 if he validates next season that he’s the long-term answer at the position?

Who would you guess will be the next Jaguar offered a contract extension and might that player have to wait until next year to get that big deal?

Speaking of contract extensions, how long before pro-active Florida sweetens the pot for basketball coach Mike White after making the Sweet 16 in just his second season?

Who among us thought Florida would now be sitting as a slight favorite (over Wisconsin, Baylor or South Carolina) to reach the Final Four after losing 6-foot-11 John Egbunu to a season-ending knee injury five weeks ago?

Did you ever think we’d see a year where ACC football eclipsed the SEC on the field, though probably not in the NFL draft, and ACC basketball took a back seat to SEC hoops during March Madness?

How much of a relief is it to Florida State basketball fans that at least one of its teams, the women coached by Sue Semaru, can effectively hold up a No. 3 seeding in the NCAA tournament?

Will FSU athletic director Stan Wilcox now give 68-year-old men’s coach Leonard Hamilton another two-year contract extension for a splendid regular season or hit the pause button after the Seminoles’ inexcusable 25-point loss to Xavier?

Does FSU care enough about men’s basketball to at least consider the possibility of moving on from Hamilton and hiring a coach who can both recruit and build a great team?

When Woods tells the world, two weeks from the Masters, he desperately wants to play the event and isn’t sure if his body will let him, does that sound like a good sign?

Even if Tiger plays, how much of a threat can he be at Augusta National without a tune-up tournament or real preparation time?

How incredibly tragic is it that the legacy of the late Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez will now be more about the terrible choices he made – alcohol/cocaine impairment while getting behind the wheel of a boat — that led to the deaths of three people instead of his legend as a fantastic pitcher?

Was it really worth it for Jacksonville University, after finishing sixth in the eight-team, A-Sun Conference, to spend around $15,000 last week for the right to host a low-profile CIT basketball game against St. Francis (Pa.)?

As much as Tony Jasick is the right coach to lead the JU Dolphins, does it really prop up the program with recruits to hang a CIT banner in Swisher Gym? (904) 359-4540