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Atop a 62-foot granite obelisk in the center of Hemming Park (shown here on Aug. 14, 2017) is a bronze statue of a Confederate soldier, the gift of Civil War veteran Charles C. Hemming. At the monument's decication in 1899, the former City Park and St. James Park was renamed Hemming Park. (Bob Self/Florida Times-Union)

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Supporters and opponents of Confederate monuments march Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2017, at Jacksonville's Confederate Park near the monument honoring the Women of the Southland, erected in 1915. (Bob Self/Florida Times-Union)

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A bronze statue of a Confederate soldier atop a 62-foot granite obelisk in the center of Hemming Park on Monday, Aug. 14, 2017. (Bob Self/Florida Times-Union)

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A bronze statue of a Confederate soldier atop a 62-foot granite obelisk in the center of Hemming Park on Monday, Aug. 14, 2017. (Bob Self/Florida Times-Union)

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Brick pavers are placed in the areas surrounding the Confederate monument on Sept. 13, 1978. In this westward view of Hemming Park, the F.W. Woolworth Co. and Penney's building is shown. (Times-Union archive)

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Wolfgang Porschmann and Carmen Koziol of Dusseldorf, Germany take time out of their tour for a dip in the Hemming Park fountain beneath the Confederate statue on Dec. 11, 1980. (Times-Union archive)

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The 62-foot-tall Confederate monument rises in front of the bandshell at Memorial Park and the Robert Meyer hotel in May 1977. (Times-Union archive)

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A statue of a Confederate statue rests atop the 62-foot-tall Confederate memorial in Hemming Park in October 1991. The statue has overlooked Jacksonville's downtown since 1898. (Times-Union archive)

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Jacksonville city worker Steve McIntire reaches to replace a Christmas light on the Confederate memorial in Hemming Park on Nov. 22, 1984. The temperature on this day was 45 degrees and dropping according to the display board on the then-named Barnet Bank Building. (M. Jack Luedke/Times-Union archive)

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A plaque honoring Confederate soldiers is shown on the Confederate memorial at Hemming Park in May 1977. (Times-Union archive)

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A high-angle photo shows the Confederate monument surrounded by a nearly empty then-named Hemming Plaza in June 1984. (Brian Masck/Times-Union archive)

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The Confederate monument and Hemming Park are shown in this circa 1910 photo, about a decade after the memorial was erected. (Leah Mary Cox/Times-Union archive)

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The Confederate monument rises in Hemming Park in front of the federal courthouse on March 16, 2015. Claude Russell, owner of C.H Russell Inc. general contractors works to clean and refurbish the fountains in the park on this day. (Bob Mack/Florida Times-Union) 

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Civil War-era cannons flank the Monument to the Women of the Confederacy, featuring the work of noted sculptor Allen Newman, in Jacksonville's Confederate Park, shown here in 1974. The park, formerly named Dignan Park, was renamed in 1914, prior to the completion and dedication of the monument in October 1915. (Allan Walker, Times-Union archive)

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Jacksonville's Confederate Park is shown on Feb.12, 1976. (Times-Union archive)

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Construction fencing surrounds the fountain around the Confederate monument at Hemming Park on Monday, Aug. 14, 2017. (Bob Self/Florida Times-Union)

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Visitors look at the statue of a woman and children under the canopy of the Woman of the Southland statue in Confederate Park in Jacksonville's historic Springfield neighborhood on Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2017. (Bob Self/Florida Times-Union)

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The Woman of the Southland statue in Confederate Park is shown on Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2017.  (Bob Self/Florida Times-Union)


Two of Jacksonville's Confederate monuments date back more than a century. They include a 62-foot monument in center of Hemming Park (named after a Civil War veteran) and a monument that pays tribute to women of the Confederacy at Confederate Park. Here is a look at those monuments and parks, including historic photos.