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1953: Rocco Morabito (Times-Union archives)

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Rocco Morabito (undated, Times-Union archives)

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July 17, 1967: Apprentice lineman J.D. Thompson breathes life into the mouth of another apprentice, R.G. Champion, who hangs unconscious after receiving an electric shock after coming in contact with a hot wire atop the utility pole. (Rocco Morabito/Jacksonville Journal/Times-Union archives)

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July 17, 1967: Rocco Morabito's series of photos of Jacksonville Electric Department lineman J.D. Thompson resuscitating fellow lineman R. G. Champion after Champion received an electric shock from a 4,100-volt line atop a utility pole in the 1600 block of West 26th St. and then being lowered to the ground and treated by rescue workers. These photos ran on Page 13 inside the Jacksonville Journal on the same day. The second photo from left also ran on the front page of the same paper and was dubbed "The Kiss of Life." Morabito later won the Pulitzer Prize for News Photography for that photo. (Jacksonville Journal)

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August 26, 1968: Bill Harper, governor of Moose Lodge No. 455, presents a plaque to a lifetime member of the lodge Journal Photographer Rocco Morabito. The plaque was to congratulate Morabito on winning the 1968 Pulitzer Prize in photography. (Times-Union archives)                     

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June 1968: Rocco Morabito is honored by Dr. Sloat and classmates. (Times-Union archives)

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1967: Rocco Morabito hangs his first place State Press Award for spot news from the Florida Press Association. (Times-Union archives)

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1968: Rocco Morabito loads his Rolleiflex at his desk in the Journal newsroom. (Times-Union archives)

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1968: Rocco Morabito is held up by members of the Jacksonville Journal and Times-Union photo staffs at a party for Rocco for winning the Pulitzer Prize. Left to right is Charlie Brown, Journal staff; Ron Pinner, TU staff; Roger Mullis, TU staff; Rocco Morabito; Frank Smith, TU staff (underneath); Don Ray, Journal staff; and Ray Stafford, TU staff. (Times-Union archives)         

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1968: Jacksonville Journal photo staff — Don Ray, from left, Rocco Morabito (the chief photographer), Lou Egner and Charlie Brown. (Times-Union archives)                         

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1968: Rocco Morabito looks at some of the telegrams he received after winning the Pulitizer Prize. (Times-Union archives)                               

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1968: Rocco Morabito discusses his Pulitzer Prize-winning photo with members of the Jacksonville Boys Club. (Times-Union archives)                                

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1968: Rocco Morabito receives a check matching the Pulitizer Prize award at a party by the  Florida Publishing Company. Left to right are R.G. Champion, the lineman who was shocked; Rocco's wife, Sofi;  Rocco; Robert Feagan, the publisher; and J.D. Thompson, who resuscitated and saved Champion. (Times-Union archives)                              

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October 1968: Florida Gov. Claude Kirk grabs Rocco Morabito at the 1968 Gator Bowl game. (Times-Union archives)                              

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1974: Rocco Morabito, right, and friend view an award honoring Morabito's 1968 Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph in the Jacksonville Journal newsroom. (Times-Union archives)                  

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Circa 1979: Rocco Morabito looks at a book of Pulitzer Prize winners with his photo, "The Kiss of Life," that won the 1968 Pulitzer for spot news. (Times-Union archives)                         

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October 20, 1988: Photographer Rocco Morabito poses with a framed copy of his Pulitzer Prize-winning phtoograph, "Kiss of Life." (Ray Stafford/Times-Union archives)                             

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Oct. 28, 1988: The three participants in "The Kiss of Life" Pulitizer prize-winning new photograph: (From left) R.G. Champion, who was shocked; J.D. Thompson, who gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to Champion atop a utility pole; and Jacksonville Journal photographer Rocco Morabito, who won the Pulitizer Prize for taking the photograph. The three men came together to commemorate the photograph on the final day of publishing for the Jacksonville Journal, October 28, 1988. Champion was in St. Vincent's Hospital recovering from bypass surgery at the time. (Times-Union archives)