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Parks and Recreation employee Robert Woodard washes the fountain at Memorial Park in December of 1984. (Jeff Taylor/Times-Union archive)

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Chris and Cecilia Henning enjoy their lunch at Memorial Park in November of 1986. (M Jack Luedke/Times-Union archive)

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The fountain and statue in Memorial Park are seen on in March of 1990. (Times-Union archive)

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Fredrick Thompson dumps a glass of water over himself while hanging out at Memorial Park in August of 1980. (Beth Campbell/Times-Union archive)

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Kathleen Turley watches her 2-year-old daughter Erin try to throw acorns back into the trees at Memorial Park while playing with her 6-year-old sister Jessica in December of 1990. (Bob Mack/Times-Union archive)

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An aerial view offers a wide look at Memorial Park in June of 1989. (Dennis Hamilton Jr./Times-Union archive)

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Chris Schreech plays guitar and sings during a trip to Memorial Park with Amy Niergrath in January of 1982. (Times-Union archive)

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A man sits and relaxes near the statue in Memorial Park in September of 1979. (Walter Stricklin/Times-Union archive)

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A woman gazes off toward the St. Johns River while a child looks around Memorial Park in February of 1977. (Allan Walker/Times-Union archive)

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One of two signs built at Memorial Park in 1992 has the seal of the city affixed upside down. (Ronald W. Bayles/Times-Union archive)

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A child runs through Memorial Park while adults enjoy an afternoon filled with other activities in March of 1977. (Allan Walker/Times-Union archive)

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Two people sit and enjoy an afternoon at Memorial Park in August of 1982. (Don Burk/Times-Union archive)

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That statue in Memorial Park is seen in May of 1982. (Times-Union archive)

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A view of the statue in Memorial Park in March of 1992. (Times-Union archive)

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Bobby Fowler comes up for air after taking a dip in the fountain in Memorial Park with his sister Michelle in June of 1980. (Beth Campbell/Times-Union archive)

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People clean the statue in Memorial Park in July 1982. (Times-Union archive)

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David Arthur (left) and 3-year-old John Marlon Szymura, both of Neptune Beach, throw a Frisbee while spending time in Memorial Park in December of 1985. (Bob Self/Times-Union archive)

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A man sitting near the statue in Memorial Park plays guitar in July of 1980. (Times-Union archive)


Located on the St. Johns River in historic Riverside, Memorial Park was dedicated on Christmas Day 1924 to honor Floridians who died in service during World War I. The nearly 6-acre park was designed by the Olmstead Brothersm and prominently features the park's iconic statue, "Life," sculpted by Charles Adrian Pillars. | Buy photos