Dear Call Box: I was wondering what was going on with the construction of the interchange at Commonwealth Avenue and Interstate 295. They were making good progress and then work just stopped. I don’t think any work has been done since before Christmas.



Dear M.C. You are correct. Work stopped in December because the contractor defaulted on the project, said Ron Tittle, spokesman for the Florida Department of Transportation. The contractor’s bonding company took over and is working with DOT to get a new contractor qualified for the work, Tittle said. The project is tentatively scheduled to be completed by fall, but that depends on how soon a new contractor can become qualified through DOT and work can resume, he said.

The $3.7 million project started in January 2013 and was to have been completed in about a year. It called for such improvements as road resurfacing, drainage improvements, curb and gutter, updated traffic signals, new lighting, highway signage, new guardrail, improved sidewalks and other related construction.

Meanwhile, Tittle said, DOT maintenance employees are ensuring the grass remains cut, and if any potholes become a safety issue, they will be repaired.


Dear Call Box: I was wondering if you could tell me where I could get my kitchen knives sharpened. I’ve been looking around, and I don’t see anything so maybe you can help.


Dear J.D.: We found several places that will sharpen your cutlery. Advantage Mobile Sharpening in Avondale will do so, but says to call first at (904) 388-2628. Though Frank’s Industrial Sharpening & Sales at 4560 Lenox Ave. is geared toward heavier items, it will do kitchen knives, scissors and garden tools. Call (904) 387-1919.

And Harry Megowan at Megowan Sharpening primarily does beautician’s shears, but will sharpen knives and scissors if you have $30 worth. The cost is $2.50 for a blade 6 inches and under and $5 for over 6 inches. Household scissors are $8. Megowan says you can go in with neighbors and friends to reach the $30 mark. Megowan operates out of a workshop in his garage and does free pickup and delivery. You can reach him at (904) 786-6475 or (904) 477-7380.

Some companies listed have gone out of business and a couple of others did not return phone calls.


Dear Call Box: I’m trying to find out what happened to The Public House that opened in Baymeadows near Interstate 295. It was only open a short time, and I just wondered what happened to it.


Dear C.F.: We were unable to reach the owner to find out why The Public House closed. But there have been several restaurants that have occupied the space at 10915 Baymeadows Road at the eastern end of the Point Meadows shopping center. The European-style pub and eatery, known for its fish and chips, shepherd’s pie and bangers and mash, opened in November 2013 and closed this spring.

Times-Union food reviewer Jay Magee had this to say in his review: “Overall, The Public House has the potential to be a happening lunch spot with work colleagues and a fun night out with family or friends.

“The owners would do well to play up the global sports programming, live entertainment and a friendly, neighborhood bar scene, all of which set it apart from the plethora of sports bars and national chains within easy walking distance.”

Despite a decent review and some interior renovations, it went the way of its predecessors — Cross Creek Steakhouse & Ribs, Times Grill and Bubba Burger Grill. If we learn anything more, we’ll let you know.


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