why so NEGATIVE?

When I opened Friday’s Times-Union, I was taken aback by the headline “Trump escalates North Korea rhetoric.”

Once again the Times-Union followed the lead of The Associated Press like a little lost puppy dog.

A more appropriate headline would have been “North Korea escalates rhetoric toward America” or “Trump responds in defense of America.”

Can President Donald Trump do anything that liberals will agree with and back him up on?

Every time the left criticizes our president, it just emboldens our enemies. It makes his job much harder — and our country less safe. But maybe this is what the liberal left wants.


Ed Laing, Jacksonville




Our community knows all too well that the North American Free Trade Agreement is in need of a serious overhaul. Although President Donald Trump has called it “the single worst trade deal in this country,” he has since said he only wants to tweak it.

The lopsided trade arrangement benefits multinational corporations and CEOs but provides few job protections for the rest of us.

And Trump’s vague list of objectives for reworking NAFTA doesn’t make clear whether the new deal will include policies that improve the lives of working people.

NAFTA enabled corporations to lower wages and eliminate 700,000 North American jobs.

The treaty made it far too easy for businesses to profit at the expense of others, thanks to the absence of enforceable labor standards. All the while, greedy CEOs fattened their bottom lines.

The new NAFTA must hold companies accountable and help put an end to the exploitation of people working in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

NAFTA negotiations kick off this month. Our elected officials must create an agreement that boosts everyone’s ability to build a strong foundation to provide for their families.

Jackie Mims, Ponte Vedra Beach



I watched the documentary on WJCT about Colorado University at Boulder regarding solar panels, sustainability and recycling.

I didn’t see one plastic water bottle being used. They have machines where the students fill their water bottles.

All this from reclaimed water.

I cannot do this film justice. They bike and do not send garbage to landfill.

We are so behind here.

We are the Sunshine State, but do we have much solar in use?

I only wish our leaders were more into solar and all in this documentary.

We could do all this, and the money they talked about saving.

I have a friend with a complete solar home, and they sell energy back to the energy company.

Why don’t we do better?

Someone needs to lead here.

P.J. McCrary, Jacksonville



President Donald Trump should shut his mouth when talking about North Korea. If he wants to bomb someone, why not Syria?

But then he’d get Russia on his bad side.

The Iraq wars were stupid, but at least they were on foreign soil. If Trump keeps blabbing, it will be on our soil.

Deborah Cearnal, Orange Park


it’s UP TO us

During the campaign President Donald Trump talked about draining the swamp, and he is doing what he can, but it is up to the people to really do it.

While the approval rating of Congress is only 15 percent, the re-election rate is above 91 percent.

That indicates that most people are not paying attention to what their representatives really stand for and what they really do.

Most of our politicians, both Democrat and Republican, consider themselves members of the untouchable ruling class who are addicted to the power and prestige of public office, whether it’s local, state or national.

They have forgotten that they are supposed to be servants of the people. They can spout all sorts of rhetoric, but behavior never lies. What they believe is demonstrated by what they do.

If we are going to drain the swamp, it is going to have to be done by the people. And if it doesn’t happen, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Charles Bickerstaff, Orange Park