Pet dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, pet-store bearded lizards, pet pigs, you name it. They all harbor pathogens that can cause serious illness in humans.

And, yes, the details can be found online from reliable sources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

So should we ban all pets and social contact? I think not. Why does the Orange Park City Council single out chickens for this very reason? Common sense must prevail.

Proper care and management of all these animals is what is required, be it a cat, dog or a chicken. To preclude chickens does not make any sense.

Donna Janesky, Jacksonville



it cannot be trusted

As long as The Florida Times-Union continues to rely on The Washington Post as a news source, it will be guilty of printing “fake news” and will undermine its credibility.

The story on Tuesday’s front page, written by a Washington Post journalist claiming that President Donald Trump had revealed classified information during a meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister in the Oval Office was declared completely false by National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster as well as Secretary of State Rex Tilllerson.

Should we Americans rely on The Washington Post journalist, who wasn’t present at the meeting, or real witnesses to what actually happened for the truth?

Stop spreading false information and propagating unwarranted fear of Trump by relying on unreliable news sources.

No wonder nobody trusts the media or wants to read newspapers any more.

Theresa Criss, Jacksonville



I don’t care if you are a conservative Republican, a liberal Democrat or a unaffiliated voter — we are all Americans and we pledge allegence to the republic.

What will it take to put the country first and stand up to President Donald Trump? By inviting Russian diplomats and low-level aides into the Oval Office to disclose “great intel” that is highly classified (not even shared with allies) while also inviting the Russian news service TASS to cover the event while barring the U.S. press corps, our president has endangered all of us.

This latest act is not only potentially treasonous, but it is more dangerous than that. I don’t think Trump even realizes how destructive and chaotic his behavior continues to be. If the Republican Party doesn’t stand up soon for America, we may have a revolution!

Peggy Bulger, Fernandina Beach




Ron Littlepage’s column on Corrine Brown’s downfall presented an insightful chronology of her rise and fall.

What both surprised and amused me was Littlepage’s assertion that his criticism of Brown over the years resulted in claims of racism.

Welcome to the Democrat playbook and the world in which deplorables live.

Anytime Republicans, tea party members or the average deplorable criticized President Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, it was never about policy but always about race and gender.

Littlepage shouldn’t think harshly of Brown. He should instead direct his criticism toward the Democratic Party and his mainstream media colleagues for perpetuating this fraud for years.

Edward Drury, Orange Park

Donald trump

President crawfish

When someone goes back on their word or promise, country folks call it crawfishin’. As in how these creatures seem to travel backward.

With the building of the wall, draining a swamp, staying out of conflicts, bringing back manufacturing (except your own), giving classified information to Russia, refusing to shake an ally’s hand and sharing sensitive information with an adversary, I’m concerned President Donald Trump will never get anything done until he steps away from his crawfish boil.

Sad? No. Frightening? Yes.

Gary Schuran, Middleburg



a bit too maudlin

Let me begin by saying that I am not a scientist, doctor or anything other than an old and worn-out 87-year-old male.

I have absolutely no knowledge of what effects exposure to high doses of radiation may have on the human body.

A couple of things did stand out in a recent article about the 88-year-old veteran who was exposed to the atomic bomb explosion in the Nevada desert in 1953.

The veteran has already lived about 10 years above the average life expectancy.

The article stated that he worked for Ford for some 33 years “wearing a smile on his face.” I have never found it easy to go around with a smile when I am in great pain.

The article stated that he is now drawing a 90 percent disability from the taxpayers of the United States but is unhappy because he isn’t drawing 100 percent. I assume that in addition to the 90 percent disability he is also drawing a monthly Social Security check as well as a check from a pension fund from Ford. Is the extra 10 percent all that important?

W. C. Holcomb, Waycross, Ga.