I admire the Times-Union for attempting to be “fair and balanced,” but the national news sources are so biased and corrupt they haven’t got a chance!

The national media (print and broadcast) are an extension of the Democratic National Committee. For the past eight years, they aggrandized President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and completely sold out in the 2016 election.

They were shocked by the results.

But the American people get it.

I now rely on the Times-Union for local coverage, obituaries and sports.

They do a good job in those areas.

I believe nothing I read about national coverage. Most of the Opinion page is just entertainment.

Keep up the good work.

R. Hicks, Neptune Beach



A key lesson from Introductory Macro Economics was the old guns and butter graph.

It shows the trade-off between guns (or other military spending) and butter (or other consumption). Interesting to see how this applies today.

President Donald Trump wants an additional $50 billion for the military.

In return he is asking for “huge” cuts to the EPA, the State Department and Housing and Urban Development.

Some key programs like Meals on Wheels and after-school care will be cut.

Sorry, environment.

We need more guns.

Sorry, kids.

We need more guns.

Sorry, grandma.

We need more guns.

The America First budget looks like a buildup for a war. I don’t see anything in it that puts Americans first.

Scott Schleifer, Jacksonville


there is NO TIME TO LOSE

President Donald Trump supporters wonder why progressives are holding anti-Trump rallies and demonstrations.

We’re rallying about what has happened since the election and continues to happen every day.

The Trump administration and its fellow-travelers in Congress have mounted a full-scale assault on just about every American value.

Whether it’s environmental concerns, medical care, equal protection or America’s leadership in the free world, Trump seems to be determined to undo everything — including our First Amendment freedoms, too.

Trump and his apologists disdain the truth, attack anyone who disagrees with them, punish members of the press who don’t toe the party line, discriminate on the basis of religion, etc.

To wait is to allow our constitutional freedoms to be eroded.

We must push back to protect our Constitution and our values.

See you in the streets.

Greg McClelland, Ponte Vedra

mainstream media


News articles have little to say positive to say about President Donald Trump.

Sad to say the Times-Union is just as guilty. It is mostly due to the reporting by the national news services.

Example: On Page A-8 Thursday there was a brief story stating that Trump paid $36.5 million in taxes. It didn’t mention that obtaining his tax return may have been illegal.

Although it was reported by Fox News, he paid more as a percentage than President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney and nearly twice the percentage paid by Bernie Sanders.

All they implied was that he used a “tax loophole” from a deal dating back to 1990.

The tax loophole was an addition to the tax code initiated by a Democrat Congress decades ago and is perfectly legal, a commonly used procedure by thousands of taxpayers, especially business owners who suffer a some losses.

Surely the Times-Union can find one positive story about our president without the negative jabs and insults. The press and media are flaunting their bitter bias, unchecked.

G.T. Harrell, Jacksonville


Health care

Treat it like insurance

Let’s just get back to what health insurance was in the 1970s and ’80s.

There were catastrophic plans that had low premiums with larger co-pays to discourage abuse of the system.

The purpose of the insurance was to cover expenses if medical disaster occurred.

Where is this plan today?

I would go as far as saying that if the price was right, this coverage should be mandatory.

Let the free market prevail.

Now let’s get going.

Michael Switkes, Ponte Vedra Beach