Great article on legal spending in Florida.

The state wastes a lot of money defending unconstitutional legislation.

Our legislators have been working overtime limiting the rights of the poor, women, voters and gays.

The state has been many times in appeals in the upper courts and the taxpayers have been paying a heavy price for conservative social issues they don’t agree with.

Michael Cross, St. Augustine


get the name right!

Every time I hear someone call the Jaguars the “Jag-wires,” it makes me cringe.

They don’t need an alternate pronunciation.

Diane Lawendowski, Jacksonville



Every parent hopes that their children are surrounded by types of people who are excellent leaders, teachers, coaches and mentors as they progress through their formative K-12 school years.

We were blessed that all three of our children did indeed have those types of professionals throughout their respective pre-college years.

I can say, unequivocally, that our youngest child had the best of the best in Corky Rogers. Corky was all four types to our son, Rocky.

I give Corky much credit for the success Rocky enjoyed on the field and in the classroom in college and the success he has enjoyed after graduation.

I know my son still frequently mentions Corky’s name in a positive way when the conversation turns to this subject. He puts the coach at the top of his list.

Our only regret is that our son could only be around Corky for two short years.

As a testament to this wonderful man, his impact was such that two years was enough.”

Thank you, Coach.

Scott and Ginny Ross, Orange Park



I’m concerned that President Donald Trump’s decision to nominate Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court will be bad for people like me.

Trump said he’d fix the rigged system, but his actions so far as president show that he has sided every time with corporations and special interests and against working families.

It looks like Gorsuch is a judge whose record falls short of what we need in every way.

We have already seen in the turmoil of recent weeks that independent courts that will protect the Constitution are essential.

We need a new Supreme Court justice who will protect immigrants and refugees who want an opportunity to build a better life, people of color whose civil rights and voting rights are under attack, women who want a say over their own reproductive health and everyday working Americans who want better wages and a stronger voice on the job.

Gorsuch is not the right choice.

I urge readers to call Sen. Bill Nelson at (904) 346-4500 and Sen. Marco Rubio at (904) 398-8586 and tell them to oppose Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

Cheryl Lewis-Hamilton, Jacksonville


thanks for coverage

We were delighted to read the extensive Times-Union coverage regarding the initiative aimed at providing a system of care for homeless LGBT youth in Jacksonville.

This is a critical issue for so many teens, and a comprehensive response is necessary and welcome.

The LGBT Community Fund for Northeast Florida, a giving circle of The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida, made a $50,000 grant to JASMYN last fall to help address LGBT teen homelessness.

In too many cases, a house is not a home for these kids.

This cooperative between JASMYN, Youth Crisis Center and Changing Homelessness Inc. is a great step forward for our community.

Thanks for shining a light on it.

Michael Meyers, president,

The LGBT Community Fund for Northeast Florida