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Khan has 'hope' Fulham can avoid relegation


ORLANDO – Shad Khan’s American football team – the Jaguars – won four times in 16 games last year.

Khan’s English football team – Fulham – has seven wins in 31 matches this year.

Fulham’s results are more concerning because it is in danger of being relegated from the English Premier League.

In his first year as Fulham’s owner, Khan has fired two managers but the wins haven’t arrived.

Fulham is four points out of the relegation zone and has only seven matches remaining. A win counts as three points.

“There is definitely hope,” Khan said earlier today at the NFL’s Annual Meeting. “Certainly, I’m optimistic.”

Fulham’s remaining schedule doesn’t feature any of the current top four EPL teams (Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal), but it isn’t easy, either.

Fulham plays Everton (currently sixth place in the EPL), Aston Villa (11th), Norwich City (13th), Tottenham (fifth), Hull City (12th), Stoke City (10th) and Crystal Palace (17th).

Khan said the NFL and EPL are “very different. How you think things through is very different. The Premier League is like fixing a plane while it’s flying. In the NFL, you can land the plane and fix it.”

Khan said Fulham will play a match July 26 at EverBank Field against an opponent to be determined.

Said Khan: “I think there is a great connection and a great amount of synergy,” between Fulham FC and Jacksonville.


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2717 points
Wednesday, March 26, 2014 @ 7:35 am

At least 27 players at camp will be doing more than just hoping to not be relegated to free agency and a few more hoping not to be relegated to the practice squad! Of course hope is a good thing, it's just that working toward a goal is a more viable way to improve your success. Focus is essential at any profession and/or endeavor, so when you spread your attention out to other things, like the cheerleaders or LARGE jumbotron, you may well be distracted from what you needed to do to make the team. How many times do you see players looking at replays while the coach is trying to tell them something? Pointing to large Jumbotrons, polls w/o credability of sampling, everyday functions of a new GM and such will not distract fans from the score at the end of the game, the record at the end of the season, or the QB's TD/Int ratio of his career. Talk about commitment from an energetic HC must be backed up by the same from a GM, otherwise it is deemed just coach speak and meaningless.

The largest blunder this GM has made to date is not resigning MJD. It was a missed opportunity for fixing the stigma the Jaguars have leaguewide: Player treatment and loyalty, basically the value a franchise has for a player. If MJD can't be "taken care of" then no player will be taken care of. Furthermore, to have to replace MJD would take more than you just spent on Toby. Now it is run by committee, meaning more roster spots. Also, you do not have any proven talent of the NFL type, just like with Jennings. it's one thing to flash a peek at your hand, and a whole different thing to throw down the winning hand. You just folded, again!

15236 points
Tuesday, March 25, 2014 @ 5:03 pm

A little relegation can be good for you now and then.