Posted March 20, 2014 09:16 pm

Elitist? Maybe, but it sounds good

2 cents

Is there such a thing as a team being too good to compete in the postseason of college sports?

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass thinks so, and I wish more administrators shared his viewpoint, as arrogant and snide as it comes across.

The Hoosiers declined a chance to play in the pay-to-play College Basketball Invitational tournament, because, well, it is too good a program to lower itself to those standards.

I wish we’d see more of that.

In 2009, Notre Dame, having just whacked coach Charlie Weis after a 6-6 season, didn’t accept a bowl invitation, citing “unique circumstances” as the reason why it declined.

It’s called pride.

I’ve got no issues with Glass saying that and people across the country ripping him for it. I know a program turning down an invitation to either a bowl game or a third-tier postseason basketball tournament is not well-worn territory, but I could get used to it. The NCAA tournament is sacred. The bowl system used to be that way before it was desecrated by games popping up every year. It went from 15 bowls in 1978-79 to 39 games this year. In a perfect world, more teams would follow suit, reject bids and call it a season.

Just think, if programs stopped accepting invitations to ridiculous events like the CBI or the Heart of Dallas Bowl, we could start thinning this postseason madness out.