Posted January 13, 2014 02:16 pm

Company offers free temp help to Jacksonville area nonprofits

Every month, Jacksonville-based TRC Staffing Services Inc. gives a nonprofit 40 hours of free temporary help.

But the company needs more nonprofits to apply for Helping Hands grants, said Erin Powers, director of sales and marketing.

"We'd like to be able to give away far more grants this year than we did last year," she said.

Nonprofits in Jacksonville and surrounding counties are eligible.

The grant may be used to provide administrative, technical, professional, finance, accounting, engineering, managerial, supervisory, marketing, sales, fundraising, project management or similar skills for a nonprofit. But the company cannot provide employees to drive vehicles, handle cash or perform child care or medical care, according to a news release.

Grants may be used within 12 months of award and all of the 40 hours should be used witin the same calendar month.

Helping Hands was created in June 2013 "in response to a need seen in most nonprofit organizations -- the need for more workers," according to the release. The grant program was a way to use Company President Keith Fairchild's "existing business model to give back to local nonprofits ... that are doing more with less. We understand that service demands are increasing while public and private funds are decreasing," according to the release.

The application deadline is the 20th of every month.

"One important thing for organizations to know is that our grant application is just one page-front only. I'm told that some grant applications can be hundreds of pages long," Powers said. "We wanted to be sure our grant was more help than an extra task."

In 2013, The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund, MaliVai Washington Kids Foundation and Dignity-U-Wear received grants of a combined value of $3,000, she said.

To obtain an application packet, contact Erin Powers at (904) 641-1665 or