Saturday Lead Letter: One year after Women’s March, our voices and our commitment remain strong

On Sunday — which marks the one-year anniversary of the historic Women’s March on Washington — we will be taking action once again to bring awareness to the issues that are faced by women from all intersections of society.

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Second Sunday Editorial: Lawmakers must continue push to toughen Florida’s texting-and-driving law

It’s beyond debate that texting while driving isn’t merely a bad idea. It’s a deadly one.

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Sunday Lead Letter: Campaign to prevent fires is saving lives

Last month marked the end of a busy year responding to multiple hurricanes and massive damage across the state of Florida.

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First Sunday Editorial: Yes, Jonathan, our Jaguars can be champions!

Editor’s Note: Any resemblance between this editorial and the legendary 1897 New York Sun editorial responding to a little girl’s letter asking if Santa Claus existed is purely … intentional.

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