Surveillance camera images show a man in a hoodie, clenching a flashlight in his mouth as he pilfers what he can get his hands on at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, according to the footage provided by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.


The camera caught part of a burglary that occurred about 5 a.m. Jan. 23 inside the 11757 Old St. Augustine Road church. The Sheriff’s Office released the image Monday to get the public’s help in finding him.

But he didn’t need finding.

Delonta Andre Burrell, 25, was already in the Duval County jail, charged Friday0126 with three burglaries, marijuana possession and driving on a suspended license, according to jail records. Police said they did not learn he was there until after posting the surveillance photo and quickly getting a tip on his identification. Further investigation has now added six more burglary charges against him.

According to the police report, someone wearing a backpack and carrying a hammer and flashlight appeared on an interior security camera footage after a church window had been smashed. The man, wearing a gray hoodie and dark pants, stole an unknown amount of cash from the gift shop, then pried open a safe in the sacristy after going through drawers and cabinets. The intruder also went into other rooms before fleeing. Church officials would not comment, but officials at the Catholic Diocese of St. Augustine office across the street said about $400 was stolen.

Less than an hour later, two windows were smashed at the diocese office as someone broke in, according to a police report. Nothing appeared to be missing after some offices were ransacked. Burrell has not been charged with that as the investigation continues, police said.

But those are not the only burglaries Burrell was charged with, police said.

What police term a crime spree started Dec. 17 at Nato Auto Sales at 5214 Beach Blvd. and the Demetree Brothers office next door at 5228 Beach Blvd., police said. The burglary sites move to Mandarin from Jan. 15 to 23, including a secondhand store, jewelry store and smoke shop within blocks of each other on San Jose Boulevard, then Oriental Grocery at 11757 Old St. Augustine Road and the church before moving on Thursday0125 to the Gastronome cafe at 10734 Atlantic Blvd. and the Ali Smoke Shop within a few steps of it.

Burrell has no previous arrest record in Jacksonville, but remains ineligible for bail, according to jail records.

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