Anyone traveling I-95 shouldn’t stop in Camden County because it cannot accommodate any needs, the county said Tuesday morning.


Tropical storm force winds ravaged the county Monday morning causing extensive flooding and wind damage from the St. Marys waterfront far inland.

Power is out throughout the county leaving all gasoline pumps inoperable and all motels closed. Also, there are no working water and sewer services, the county said.

Officials urge anyone traveling to plan their trips with the understanding there are no services available in Camden County.

The county said it hopes to welcome visitors soon.


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Camden shelters

Four churches will provide temporary shelters in Camden County for those displaced from their homes by flooding and power failures throughout the county.

With the water and sewer services down and no power, the churches will be under the same limitations as most in the county. The churches will operate with portable toilets and with only the food on hand, the county said.

The shelters in St. Marys are at Crooked River Baptist Church, 925 Kings Bay Road, and Three Rivers Church, 101 Miller Street. Shelters in Kingsland are at First Baptist Church, 295 East Chester Street and the Kings Village, 451 South Lee Street.

The shelters are intended for stays of 24 to 48 hours and the county is working with its neighboring counties to accept residents for longer term stays. Those who have means to travel are encouraged to do so, but those who don’t may be transported by school system or Department of Corrections buses.

For a list of out of county shelters consult the website

Terry Dickson: (912) 264-0405