There are hundreds of creators exhibiting their ideas at One Spark. Here are a handful that caught our attention Thursday:




Exhibit No. 20361

Where: In Snyder Memorial

Amplify is seeking $4 million to renovate Snyder Memorial, a former Methodist church built in 1903 next to Hemming Plaza, and convert it to a state of the art recording studio and performance space.



Exhibit No. 20824

Where: Lobby of the Bank of America tower

Brian Oakley is seeking $75,000 so he can begin producing 5-7 minute episodes of a stop-action animation series called “Daily Grind,” set inside a coffee shop. Oakley, who works as an animation instructor at the Art Institute of Jacksonville, plans to begin by putting the episodes online. But his ultimate goal would be to sell it to a broadcaster like The Cartoon Network or Adult Swim.



Exhibit No. 20797

Where: Eight floor of the Jacksonville Bank building.

Mary Marshall said she got the idea of making a bag that would conceal a urine collection bag after an embarrassed cousin who had just undergone surgery for prostrate cancer and was hooked to such a bag refused to comply with his doctor’s advice to take a walk. She’s also a bag that can accommodate the larger collection bags used by people in wheelchairs. Jean Kurkowski and Helen Cole, both nurses who have worked at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital, said they were thoroughly impressed with Marshall’s products and gave her the phone numbers of some people to contact at Brooks.



Exhibit No. 20045

Where: Visit Jacksonville’s offices on Laura Street

Rebecca Rose, an Orlando artist, makes wearable sculptures, small but elaborate creations attached to a ring. Most have interesting back stories such as “Recurring,” which has tanks going in circles and a dove, symbol of peace, flying out of reach of a man. For those who prefer to display their art rather than wear it, the rings come inside handsome glass cases. Rose is seeking $20,000. “I have big ambitions,” she said.



Exhibit No. 20222

Where: Laura Street in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville

Linda Shinkle Rodney and her son, Theodore Shinkle, are photographers who transfer some of their images — such as the panoramic “Through the Trees,” shot in swamp in Michigan — onto steel plates. They are from Detroit but they came to Jacksonville in advance of One Spark and have a lot of photos of downtown scenes. They are seeking $24,900 to help develop a prototype lighting system. Rodney said she spent much of Wednesday being interviewed and filmed by a documentary from the A&E Network.



Where: Lobby of the old Barnett Bank building

Original Fuzz isn’t actually a creator project this year. But they’ve set up a booth to demonstrate that One Spark can mean a big difference for a startup company, said Zach Lever, co-founder of the company that manufactures padded guitar bags, guitar straps and guitar cables. Original Fuzz was picked last year by organizers of One Spark and Shad Khan’s Stache Fund to receive funding from an “accelerator” program called KYN. Their gear is now available online and in about 50 stores, Lever said.