is one of the world’s largest career sites. One of the original career sites on the internet (launched in 1994), the company says that applicants search about 7,900 jobs every minute. In December, the site released its 2017 report on the skills and jobs that rose to the top in postings during the year.


Registered Nurse led the list, and the report’s author says it’s not surprising. The health care industry continues to lead the charge in job growth. In fact, it is expected to add the most jobs in any sector over the next few years, with RN roles projected to have a 15 percent increase. Truck drivers are also in demand, with light truck drivers making the number 3 spot and long haul drivers coming in at number 9.

Sales and service are skills that are in high demand. First-line supervisor of retail sales workers came in as the send-highest number of postings, Retail salespersons was number four on the list, with customer service representatives at number five, probably due to the growing demand in e-commerce. Wholesale sales representatives came in at number seven in total job postings.

App developers and support or help desk workers, coming in at numbers 6 and 8 respectively, represented information technology. Supervisors of administrative workers rounds out the list at number 10.

The report says “Considering that UPS was the company that posted the most jobs on Monster in 2017—more than 28,000—it comes as no surprise that transportation was the top industry in 19 states,” including Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., among others. The U.S. Army was the top employer in 12 states, including Alaska and Hawaii.

In Florida, as in California, Nevada, Texas, Wisconsin and Minnesota (among other states,) health care was the industry posting the most jobs. Telecomm dominated in Colorado, and finance posted the most jobs in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Energy took first place in just one state: surprisingly (for me) – Delaware.

Texas led the states in job postings with Houston at number one, Dallas at number three and San Antonio at number six. New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, Phoenix and San Francisco rounded out the top ten hiring cities. The report detail lists the top jobs posted in each city as well.

Jobseeker searches were aligned with the skills employers demanded. Monster listed the top search terms as Administrative assistant, Part time, Customer service, Receptionist, Accounting, Sales, Warehouse, Human Resources, Manager, and Administrative. Not such great news for the apparent mood of workers, though; the most popular article on for 2017 was titled “Are You Being Taken Advantage of at Work?” Number 10 was titled “How to Quit a Job You Just Started.”

There’s a reason resume clichés persist: it’s what employers want. The most popular soft skills listed in postings included all the usual suspects: Oral and written communication, Detail oriented, Customer service oriented, Self-starting/Self-motivated, Organizational skills, and perennial favorites Team-oriented and teamwork.

January is always the month jobseekers look to make a fresh start, and five days in January 2017 were among’s busiest, with January 4 being the day with the most activity overall. You can find the full report at’s career advice articles at year-in-jobs-2017.

Candace Moody is vice president of communications for CareerSource Northeast Florida. Her column appears every Wednesday in the Times-Union, and she can be reached at