Lonna Barton is serving jail time for her part in the death of toddler Lonzie Barton and on drug charges in the Florida Women's Reception Center in Ocala. She's scheduled to be released in 2027.


Her lawyer, Anthony Blackburn, filed a motion in Duval County court to move her to a new facility so upon her release she could be "a very productive citizen."

"She's not a threat to anyone," he said in a phone call.

Blackburn cites Barton's short criminal record and the fact that he says she has never been charged with or convicted of a violent offense. 

He adds that she suffers from addiction issues and would be better suited serving time at a correctional facility where no violent offenders are housed.

"She doesn't pose that kind of threat," he continued, "doesn't need to be in a place where she's surrounded by murderers."

Blackburn ends his letter saying that if Barton got help for her addiction she could be a productive member of society upon her release.

"She never had anything to do with Lonzie's disappearance anyway.