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Grannie Mac's (Jacksonville): Owned by Greg Correia, this restaurant was located at 3002 Philips Highway, considered one of the poorer areas of town. In this June 1992 photo, Carolyn Burns, left, and Tammie Webb, serve customers at lunchtime. (Marcy J. Appelbaum/Times-Union archive)

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Das Schnitzel Haus (Jacksonville): Located at 12200 San Jose Blvd., this German family-style restaurant was opened by Rosie and T.J. Yousif. After opening, the city prohibited the sale of alcohol in the Yousif's restaurant because of it being located near a church. The limitation affected their business negatively. (Stan Badz/Times-Union archive)

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Melting Pot (Orange Park): This restaurant, located at 450 Blanding Blvd. in Orange Park, featured a fondue menu and was owned by Linda Stinton Smith who was a champion go-kart race car driver and owner of the Hair Loft located next to the restaurant. In this February 1995 photo, customers Ron and Deloris Bentley of Orange Park, along with friends, try items on the menu. (Carrie Rosema/Times-Union archive)

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Chinese Delites (Jacksonville): James Robinson, left, and Paul Wilson, co-owners of Chinese Delites, a restaurant that was located in Gateway Shopping Center, are photographed in their restaurant in July of 1993. The two young men worked and saved their money to buy the business. (Keith Reynolds/Times-Union archive)

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Red Barn Bar-B-Q (Jacksonville): The Red Barn was considered to be the grandfather of barbecue restaurants in Jacksonville. The venue was housed in a building at 5213 Wesconnett Boulevard that was more than 100 years old and had been home to various barbecue eateries for more than 64 years. Photographed here in October of 1994, current owner Linton NeSmith stands in front of his restaurant. (Will Dickey/Times-Union archive)

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Barbecue Ltd. (Jacksonville): This barbecue restaurant was located at 506 Beach Boulevard in Jacksonville Beach. In this September of 1992 photo, Bill and Scarlett Yoden enjoy a meal. (John Pemberton/Times-Union archive)

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Venezia's Italian Restaurant (Jacksonville): Venezia's Italian Restaurant, located in thee Mandarin Emporium Shopping Center, opened Dec. 7, 1991. In this photo, also taken in December of 1991 are, left to right, chef Luis Pineda, Frances D'Addona and Mohamed Ismail. (Ray Stafford/Times-Union archive)

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The Hungry Iguana (Jacksonville Beach): This restaurant, located at 318 S. 23rd Ave., was considered one of the hottest Mexican restaurants at the beach. Inside the venue, there were huge fish tanks that served as home to live iguanas and the place was decorated with psychadellic art. The owners were Brian Horn, left behind counter; Brett Byers, behind counter; and Jerry Gadkowski, not pictured. In this photo, taken in July of 1992, customer Marty Vogel of South Jacksonville Beach, bottom right, views the menu. (Marcy Appelbaum/Times-Union archive)

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Sovereign Restaurant (Gainesville): Photographed in December of 1993, this restaurant was located at 212 S.E. Second Avenue in Gainesville. (Oscar Sosa/Times-Union archive)

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Tres Amigos (Jacksonville Beach): This restaurant was located at 1412 First Avenue N. in Jacksonville Beach. In this October of 1993 photo, Simon Quintana holds a tray of food destined for a table of Mexican food lovers. (John Pemberton/Times-Union archive)

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Mom's Kitchen (Jacksonville): This restaurant, located at 1624 Edgewood Avenue W., was orginally built by one of the city's biggest drug dealers named Willie Bennett. Bennett was arrested in 1990 and the property was taken over by the government and then sold in 1993 to Mom's Kitchen owners Thomas and Donna Hamm. The couple opened for business in August of 1993. (Ray Stafford/Times-Union archive)

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Village Bread Market (Jacksonville): This restaurant was located at 4460 Hendricks Avenue in the Miramar Shopping Center. In this August of 1993 photo, Chef Paul Hart, left, and restaurant owner Mike Stallings work on dishes to serve to customers. (Shaun Sartin/Times-Union archive)

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Cafe Carmon (San Marco): Customers of Cafe Carmon enjoy the outdoor seating of the cafe in San Marco in this August of 1993 photo. (Shaun Sartin/Times-Union archive)

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Cucos Boarder Cafe (Orange Park): Waiter Peter Mason serves Dale Kelly, left, Sandy Kelly, center, and Daniel Kelly, 10-months-old during an April of 1994 visit to the restaurant. (Gary T. Clark/Times-Union archive)

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Rumboggies Fat Buddy's Bar B-Q (Jacksonville): Roger Bearden stands in front of his restaurant located at 5519 W. Moncrief Road in this May of 1994 photo. (John Pemberton/Times-Union archive)

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Ward's Landing (on the Intracoastal Waterway): Ward's Landing, located at 15 South Roscoe Blvd., catered to boaters and Ponte Vedra locals. In this November of 1992 photo, Hugh Scott of Sawgrass, foreground, eats lunch with his daughter-in-law, Andrea Scott, and her son, Hank, 5, of Washington, D.C. (Carrie Rosema/Times-Union archive)

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Village Place New York Deli (Sawgrass Village): Helen and Bernard Rayber, pictured, opened this restaurant in October of 1992. (Ray Stafford/Times-Union archive)

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The Potato Lady (Jacksonville): Sylvia Hinton, pictured here in May of 1993, and better known as the 'Potato Lady,' was the owner of this restaurant that beared the same name. Located at 5403 Avenue B., Hinton was in business for more than 10 years. (Stan Badz/Times-Union archive)

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Dane's Restaurant (San Marco): Located at the corner of San Marco Boulevard and Riviera Roads, this was owner Dane Lucas' third restaurant, which opened in June of 1993. Pictured, from left, are restaurant partners Bill Jones who served as the restaurant's general manager; Jeff Lavalle, the chef; and Lucas. (Ray Stafford/Times-Union archive)

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Dolphin Depot (Jacksonville Beach): Dolphin Depot owner Steve Rider opened his restaurant at 704 First Street North in the red development district of Jacksonville Beach. The exterior of the venue is shown here in October of 1993. (Wes Lester/Times-Union archive)

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Buccaneer Restaurant (Mayport): The Buccaneer Restaurant was located at 9636 Heckscher Drive, at the north landing of the Mayport Ferry. Owners of the restaurant, Patrice and Jack McCallman, are pictured in their restaurant in September of 1993. (Gary T. Clark/Times-Union archive)

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Dixon's Wood Roasted Chicken (Atlantic Beach): This family-run, non-chain restaurant was opened in September of 1993. In this November of 1993 photo, co-owner Hugh Mabry, right, slips off several cooked chickens onto a tray. Also pictured, from left, are employees Kelly Allen and Angela Dixon and store manager, Perry Ellis. (Ricardo Romagosa/Times-Union archive)

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Smokey's Bar B-Que Restaurant (Jacksonville): Gail Boston and her husband, Smokey, started small operating their restaurant out of a trailer. Five years later, they opened a bigger structure located at 2465 Blanding Blvd. in Middleburg. In this photo, waitress Judy Elder, left, talks with customer Ralph Wright. (Keith Reynolds/Times-Union archive)

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Foo House Restaurant (Jacksonville): Fay Iem, Melanie Kellenberger and Leonor Amargo, left to right, enjoy dinner at this Chinese restaurant, pictured in February of 1995, that was located at 9550-32 Baymeadows Road. (Times-Union archive)

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Fine European Pastries and Cuisine (Mandarin): Owner Annamaria Molnar, standing, in her friendly, typically European restaurant located at 10500 San Jose Blvd. in March of 1992. Molnar talks with customers and long time friends Jane Montgomery and her husband Ted, and Ed Freyberg and his daughter Donna Freyberg, seated left to right. (Keith Reynolds/Times-Union archive)

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Don't Drink the Water (near the Intracoastal Waterway): Formerly known as a sports bar called Fannie Dugans, this property was reopened by its owner, Kent Schmidt, as a Mexican restaurant with a bar. Schmidt believed the change would make the venue more profitable. (Wes Lester/Times-Union archive)

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Bonnie's III Sandwich Shop (Mandarin): Owner Terri Edwards, right and center, takes orders from one of her regular customers Feb. 28, 1992. Bonnie's customers always raved about the grits served there, located at 5100 Sunbeam Road in Mandarin. (Ronald W. Bayless/Times-Union archive)

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Peppermint Patty's (Mayport): Patty Wells opened this restaurant in October of 1992 in the former Damnifino's building, located about a mile past the Coast Guard station in Mayport. Here, waitress Wilda VonSeggren, in red, serves food to, from left, Dick Travis, Buddy Terry and Russ Anderson, who all work at the Naval Air Station and come in for lunch regularly. (Don Ray/Times-Union archive)

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David's Table (Ponte Vedra): This restaurant was located on the second floor of the Ponte Vedra Health and Fitness Club in the Sawgrass Village Shopping Center. David Crest, with bow tie, photographed here in September of 1992, is a practicing doctor of nutrition. He, along with his daughter, Paige, seated, with Sandra Nojiri, center, were co-owners of the restaurant that featured macrobiotic and vegetarian food. (Carrie Rosema/Times-Union archive)

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Rite Spot (Atlantic Beach): This restaurant, located at 655 Atlantic Blvd., was owned for 40 years by Geri and Junior Beasley. In this June 1994 photo, the Beasley's discuss the sale of the restaurant with Bill Christ, a customer of the Rite Spot for many years. (Ricardo Romagosa/Times-Union archive)

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Rich's Barbecue (Green Cove Springs): The exterior of Rich's Barbecue, located at 505 N. Orange Ave. in Green Cove Springs, as seen in February of 1994. The restaurant was owned by Dick Tillman, who also had three other Rich's Barbecue locations in Jacksonville, downtown Jacksonville and Arlington. (Don Ray/Times-Union archive)

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Partners (Avondale): In this photo, a lunchtime crowd gathers around the outside tables at the restaurant, located at 3585 St. Johns Avenue. (Gary T. Clark/Times-Union archive)

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Dolphin Depot (Jacksonville Beach): Owner Steve Rider opened the Dolphin Depot, located at 704 First Street North, in the redevelopment district of Jacksonville Beach in an effort to take part in the redevelopment of the area. This photo, taken during an open house the night prior to the grand opening of the venue, was taken in September of 1993. (Wes Lester/Times-Union archive)

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Pearl's Kitchen (Jacksonville Beach): John Tyrrell of Realco Wrecking Company makes short work of tearing down this once popular eatery in March of 1995. The building did not meet codes and had become a hangout for vagrants and other trespassers. (Julia Howard/Times-Union archive)

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Manatee Ray's (Jacksonville Beach): Manatee Ray's owner Joe Saul stands in front of his island restaurant located at 1st Street and 2nd Avenue in Jacksonville Beach in April of 1993. (Ray Stafford/Times-Union archive)

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Ed's Spanish American Cookery (Downtown Jacksonville): Owner Ed Marcial always had a dream of opening his own Puerto Rican restaurant and his dream came true with this location. The customer in this photo, Jim Hardee, receives a plate of arroz con pollo (chicken with rice) as Marcial's wife, Eva, helped behind the counter in August of 1992. (John Pemberton/Times-Union archive)

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Junkyard Cafe (Jacksonville Beach): This cafe was owned by Melanie Stanford, along with her daughter and son-in-law, Alice and Travis Parsons. Gene Parsons, original owner of Parsons Restaurant in Mayport, worked in the kitchen. The restaurant got its name because it was located next to Beach Body D., a salvage yard owned by Mrs. Stanford's husband. Art work hanging on the walls, as seen here in January of 1993, was created by Bill Trotter. (Gary T. Clark/Times-Union archive)

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The Panda Inn (Neptune Beach): This restaurant was located at 1401 Atlantic Boulevard in Neptune Beach and was owned by San H. Tunt. Inside the restaurant, a large stuffed Panda doll sits guard over the lunch buffet in January of 1993. (Bruce Lipsky/Times-Union archive)

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Johnny's Bar-B-Q and Catering (Keystone Heights): Johnny Mason stands in front of his business in August of 1994. Mason was fresh out of the Navy in Jacksonville when he decided to settle in Keystone Heights. Soon, he opened a restaurant that became so popular with Keystone Heights High School students that they referred to it as 'The Stop.' (Ricardo Romagosa/Times-Union archive)


Remember Partners in Avondale?  Cafe Carmon in San Marco? The Melting Pot in Orange Park? Manatee Ray’s in Jacksonville Beach? Over the years, restaurants have come and gone across the Jacksonville area. Here’s a look back at restaurants reviewed and reported on in the pages of the Times-Union 20 years or more ago. Most, if not all, of which have since closed, only to be replaced by something new. Which ones do you remember? (Times-Union archive photos)